What’s the hype with Office 365?

31.05.16 06:24 PM Comment(s) By Jordan

What’s the hype with Office 365? To begin with…Collaboration is a winner

Collaboration made easier, share and communicate while working.

Co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, with added functionality to review version history and view snapshots of previous versions while editing the newer version.

You can now share documents whilst working on them with a click of a button.

Have you heard about ‘Modern Attachments’, share documents from within Outlook and even configure the permissions without ever going back to the documents location.

Working remotely? now work efficiently and optimally from anywhere,

You can work on your Office 2016 documents from any device, including PC, Mac, Windows, Apple and Android. OneDrive cloud storage lets you move between devices without losing edits or versions. Don’t forget you get 1 TB of storage.

All Office apps are now optimised for mobile devices too, you can zoom, edit, navigate and annotate from your touch device.

Tell me…. Speak to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, tell them what you want and it will ‘tell you’ how.

Bing is now responsive within Office documents, by simply highlighting information in a document, Bing will deliver search results to the document.

Improved reporting capabilities, simply click to forecast and trend information with new visualisations.

‘Hello is it me you are looking for?’ No need for passwords, that’s so last year – Say ‘Hello’ and log into your pc.

Tech support? Office 365 comes with dedicated experts to assist you when you need it.

That is just the tip of the Iceberg, Office 365 has so much to offer, if you have any questions on Office 365 and the capabilities, let us know and we will get back to you #GTconsult


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