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When you think of Africa and established technology markets, South Africa must rate as one of the biggest and best on the continent.

While this is an undeniable reality, the political situation in the country has left many people asking serious questions regarding investment in the country. However, ...

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At the core of the Microsoft strategy is to empower every individual and every organisation and Azure is helping them achieve this goal.

The four pillars that support this strategy are:

  1. Engaging with Customers
  2. Empowering every Employee
  3. Optimise your operations
  4. Transform your Products

Azure cloud is a...

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A Microsoft Azure Partner of Record is a company that helps you get the most out of your Azure subscription free of charge to you. A really good partner like GTconsult will provide you with support, insights, intellectual tried and tested roll out plans even possibly unlock funding for projects all ...

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Microsoft has made the decision to remove the option for new Azure customers to select the Pay as you go model, but don’t worry, customers still have the option if they go through a Microsoft cloud partner.

See blog post about GT a Gold cloud  partner

A big drawing card for moving to Azure was t...

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