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To leave or not to leave.... what are the alternatives? 
Whatsapp caused the first controversy of 2021. What would a fragmented messaging industry look like? are you prepared to chat to all of your current Whatsapp contacts across multiple platforms? What are your options come February 8?
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This is the last week of Cyber Security Awareness Month, and hopefully you have navigated it with any incident.


Risk management plays an important role in the financial services industry. Insurers and credit providers take a serious look at risk and invest a lot of time and capital in de...

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PowerPoint is simply awesome! We are often caught singing the “I <3 PPT” song within the GT team so we are always looking for fun, new ways to put PowerPoint to work. This very simple trick for both SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 will up your game on delivering project status updates and enh...

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Documents, documents everywhere! We have all experienced document overload at one point or another, either through giant email attachments, clicking six levels of folders to find the right version of the project plan or heaven forbid a pile of papers on your desk. During the thick of project activit...

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Ahh reporting! We all know how important it is and we all waste time trying to get that PowerPoint slide aligned properly or trying to get all the lines of data to fit on one screen. Let’s take a look at how we might centralize data into a simple dashboard.

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In today’s div...

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