What is Metalogix?

Specialists in content infrastructure software for SharePoint, exchange and​ the cloud. GTconsult will assist you to upgrade SharePoint, consolidate file share content into SharePoint, cut your storage costs using the following Metalogix tools.


Content Matrix is the evolution of the award-winning Migration Manager for SharePoint. It provides one-hop, high-speed and high-fidelity migration of content from any previous version of SharePoint, File Shares, Public Folders, legacy ECM platforms and more up to 25 times faster than other 3rd party. migration vendors.
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Control Point.

ControlPoint for SharePoint Administration gives you the ability to manage your entire environment from a single interface. Control permissions and security. Automate governance. Analyse usage and activity. Mastermind site, content, and storage strategies.
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Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint synchronizes SharePoint content for geographically distributed users. Replicator gets the right content to different locations, and makes SharePoint content highly available, even over poor network connections.
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Metalogix StoragePoint moves unstructured data, also known as Binary Large Objects (BLOB’s), outside of SharePoint’s SQL server-based content databases on to virtually any type of external storage. This improves SharePoint performance and manageability, reduces costs and speeds backups and recoveries.
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SharePoint Backup.

SharePoint Backup is the powerful full-farm protection product for Microsoft SharePoint that combines lightning-fast file operations with dynamic compression algorithms to create highly compact backup sets with blazing speed. With SharePoint Backup, administrators have a centralized, intuitive console
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