A Team Support

The A Team Support team is located remotely around the world to accommodate our clients and specialize in the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure platforms.

"..having met with GTconsult and been impressed with their CEO and various service offerings, it was an easy decision to bring them onboard as a trusted partner." - Eugene Van Der Lingen, CAPRISA

Why is there a need for A Team Support? 

The IT landscape has grown significantly over the past 20 years, development cycles are faster than ever, cloud and hybrid technology break down barriers and allows for massive scaling at an incredible pace and the sheer plethora of SAAS solutions for any business issue can be mind-boggling.   

It is, therefore, challenging for the typical onsite support team to keep up with such a fast-growing phenomenon, not based on the team’s technical ability or knowledge but rather being faced with a range of options to assess, evaluate, test and implement together with its ongoing management and support as a business-critical component.


The role of the support team has changed in the sense of being more focused on supporting business goals while ensuring these are kept secure and running on an optimal platform that will boost its productivity.  The negative effect of this is that it leaves very little time to assist business users which is a massive undertaking but there are alternative options available such as outsourcing which will allow the team to focus on what is important for the business. 

What is A Team Support?

We created A Team Support to assist your business with taking care of first, second and third line support and any relevant maintenance query so that the internal IT support team has the capacity to focus on those projects that are important in moving the business forward. 

The A Team Support team is located remotely around the world to accommodate our clients and specialize in the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure platforms.  The team is up to date with the latest releases in this space and we keep our finger on the pulse as far as the Microsoft update feed goes.  Our clients utilize us for this exact purpose and thus increases our ability to manage, maintain and support their business effectively. 

"..GTconsult have shown flexibility, creativity in overcoming problems and sheer determination in ensuring they delivering a solution that not only meets but has exceeded our expectations.."
- Barry O'Neill, CCI South Africa  

We went with GTconsult due to the quality of work offered from them as a team which was showcased to us from the various other projects they have been involved in.
- Matthew Walsh, Marwick & Co.

Who needs A Team Support? 

Any business with an internal IT team that experience themselves not having the required time, skill or resources to manage, maintain and support SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure internally.   

How does A Team Support work?  

A Team Support was created through experience acquired over the past decade within the industry. We designed a service built up from grassroots enabling us to offer our clients expertise and provide ease of mind. 

There are two major components to A Team Support:


Customers can call, email or instant message our helpdesk team to log a ticket. The requirement is evaluated by an available A team member and assigned a priority based on a predefined SLA agreement with the client and implemented as part of the initial client onboarding phase. 

Once a priority has been set and the request captured on the helpdesk our team will continue investigating and perform the necessary action until its resolution. The team leverage personal experience and knowledge in most cases until the resolution of a ticket. Should the team not be able to resolve the issue within an acceptable timeframe escalation within the team or direct support from Microsoft is made use of. 

All billable time is then logged against the clients prepaid SLA agreement which is then reported back to the customer monthly.  


Monitoring and managing SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure platforms is scheduled by the Server Management team daily.  The team then completes the client checklist to ensure uptime, resolve alerts, check backup and recovery status and other maintenance tasks to ensure uptime. 

In the event, the platform stops responding or the service has degraded the team and spring into action, analyses the issues and resolve quickly. 

This is a set cost per month and based on the number of servers, features, and applications needed to be maintained. 

All reports are sent to the customer on a weekly and monthly basis to review completed tasks, highlight risks and proposed roadmap suggestions based on business requirements.