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What is SharePoint?
In this blog, we delve into the world of SharePoint: What is SharePoint, The history of SharePoint, and key SharePoint concepts. The primary goal of this blog is to empower and inform you, providing valuable insights to optimize your utilization of SharePoint and extract its full potential
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Sthe believes in excellence

A write up on Sthe's recent achievement- passing his Microsoft PL 400 exam!

Ever heard of the Microsoft PL-400 exam?

It’s an exam that focuses on the designing, development, testing, security, and troubleshooting of Microsoft Power Platform solutions. Candidates are expected to implement components of...
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Buckle in, we're just getting started!
Having served the market in various parts of South Africa and the world for over a decade, GT has made the decision to open a branch in a new location!

We have been operating out of Seattle since 2014 and, as you can imagine, the time difference was quite significant. Ideally, we needed to be as clos...
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Last month we finally held our in-person GT roadshow again. We have learnt so much over the past 15 years of making intranets. In this session we highlighted the most important aspects of any intranet role out we always prioritise to ensure a successful deployment.
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GTconsult innovates the basics
Admin can be a pain for any business. GTconsult has found a way to make this simple, which places the power back into your hands!
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