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What is SharePoint?
In this blog, we delve into the world of SharePoint: What is SharePoint, The history of SharePoint, and key SharePoint concepts. The primary goal of this blog is to empower and inform you, providing valuable insights to optimize your utilization of SharePoint and extract its full potential
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Sthe believes in excellence

A write up on Sthe's recent achievement- passing his Microsoft PL 400 exam!

Ever heard of the Microsoft PL-400 exam?

It’s an exam that focuses on the designing, development, testing, security, and troubleshooting of Microsoft Power Platform solutions. Candidates are expected to implement components of...
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Jacqui is determined to stay ahead!
Jacqui just passed her MS600 Exam!
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International call forwarding with Microsoft Teams.

A few weeks ago, the team and I  attended ESPC 2019 in Prague. It was a tremendous success and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly but one thought at the back of my head was the pesky international call forwarding that would need to be enabled.

This is by far my least favourite part of the travellin...

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TL;DR: Firstly, remove all passwords from Windows Credentials Manager to do with Microsoft Teams and login again on Teams.

This blog will show you a way to resolve an irritating problem.

Recently, I updated my password to my corporate network in line with good governance and security protocols. This i...

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