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Creating a Knowledge Base in SharePoint: Your Complete Guide 
A blog focusing on what a knowledge base is, why you need to use SharePoint for your knowledge base, how to create a knowledge base and maintaining your knowledge base.
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SharePoint Intranets: An Overview
A blog focusing on SharePoint intranets: What they are, the benefits of SharePoint intranets, and navigating a SharePoint intranet.
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Power Apps in SharePoint
Integrating Power Apps into SharePoint
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Micro-dose data with Adaptive Cards
One of the advantages of digitisation and automation is that we can gather large amounts of useful data and easily access this to enable data-based decision making. However, it can lead to an overload of information ...
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CCI Case Study

CCI South Africa is South Africa’s largest international contact centre.


Name: CCI South Africa
Location: Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal
Industry: Call Centre
Size: 4500+
Contact: Gareth Cadle

We’re about communication. In fact, our whole business is about effective com...

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