GTconsult: Your Trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work

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Howdy, Partner!

A Solutions Partner for Modern Work is one who demonstrates broad capability to help customers boost productivity and make the shift to hybrid work by using Microsoft 365. These partners are recognized as having commitment to training and accreditation, and a proven record in delivering solutions that lead to customer success. One such Microsoft Partner is GTconsult!

In an ever-evolving world, modern businesses require more than just conventional solutions; they need innovations that drive success. At GTconsult, we're thrilled to share some amazing news that sets us apart as a pioneer in the realm of modern work. We're proud to announce that we've achieved the coveted Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, making us one of the first Microsoft partners to earn this distinguished recognition.

You may be reading this wondering: What is it? What’s the big deal?

What is a Solutions Partner for Modern Work?


A Solutions Partner for Modern Work is a special distinction granted to companies that have proven their expertise in helping clients enhance productivity and smoothly transition to the world of hybrid work through the power of Microsoft 365. 

This coveted designation is not merely granted; it's earned through dedication, expertise, and a deep commitment to our clients. So, what does it take to join the ranks of recognized and trusted partners?

Achieving the Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work status involves meeting a set of stringent criteria:

  1. Performance Excellence: Companies must consistently deliver high-quality solutions and services to clients. Client satisfaction is a crucial factor.
  2. Skill Development: Demonstrating expertise through intermediate and advanced certifications in Microsoft 365 is a must. This showcases a partner's commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.
  3. Customer Success Metrics: Partners need to contribute to the growth of their clients' businesses. Success is gauged through usage growth and the successful deployment of solutions.
  4. Case Studies and Recommendations: Partners are often required to provide case studies and client recommendations that highlight their achievements in enabling modern work environments.

For more information about this designation, please visit:

What does it mean?

The path to becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work is a journey filled with learning, growth, and dedication. It's a reflection of the commitment of companies like GTconsult to helping clients unlock their full potential in the modern work landscape.

At GTconsult, we've not only met these requirements but exceeded them. Our journey to this designation is a testament to our passion for innovation, dedication to research, and commitment to serving our clients.

Our team's continuous development, unwavering support, and top-notch security measures are the cornerstones of our success. We stand as a reliable partner, trusted by Microsoft, and ready to help you embrace the future of modern work.

In simple terms, this designation means that GTconsult has met the requirements and is trusted by Microsoft to deliver Modern Work solutions in the realm of Microsoft 365. Our clients can rest assured that when they partner with GTconsult, they are partnering with one of the best in the business.

Achieving the Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work status isn't just a recognition; it's a promise of excellence, commitment, and transformation. It's our commitment to you, our valued clients, to provide the very best in the world of modern work. Explore the possibilities with GTconsult, your trusted partner for a brighter future.

Why Choose GTconsult?


In a constantly evolving world, GTconsult takes pride in being pioneers and early adopters in our field. We're committed to doing what's necessary to stay at the forefront. This dedication has led GTconsult to become a leading provider of SharePoint services, enabling businesses worldwide to enhance their collaboration, document management, and business intelligence.


From SharePoint migration to workbenches, intranets, landing pages, penetration testing, and much more, GTconsult is your trusted partner.


Our strength is built on three fundamental pillars:

What Sets Us Apart?


We're thrilled about this distinction, and it's not just for us—it's for you, our valued clients. When you choose GTconsult, you're partnering with experts who are not only passionate about what they do but are also recognized and trusted by Microsoft to deliver top-notch services in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.


But don't just take our word for it. Explore our website to learn more about our services, our approach, and the remarkable clients we've had the privilege of working with.


Ready to Elevate Your Success with GTconsult?


Are you ready to experience the difference? Let's embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and success together.

Contact us today and let us (aka Microsoft Solutions Partners for Modern Work) enable productivity for your organization!

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