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15.01.24 11:04 AM Comment(s) By Boitumelo

A write up on GTconsult's recent donation

At GTconsult, we don't underestimate the impact that a small gesture can make. One simple act could cause a ripple effect. In this blog, we talk about our recent donation of our preloved office chairs to a local school.  

At the heart of every business lies the potential for positive change and community impact. In a heartwarming gesture of corporate responsibility, our company recently acted to ensure that nothing goes to waste and that we make a positive impact in our community. The focal point of this endeavor was the donation of our pre-loved office chairs to the dedicated staff at a Sunningdale Private School, a special needs school located in Table View, Western Cape. This seemingly simple act was met with much appreciation from the staff.

Every office undergoes changes, and ours was no exception. As part of a recent office revamp, we found ourselves with a surplus of gently used chairs that still had much life left in them. Rather than discarding these perfectly functional pieces of furniture, we decided to channel our surplus into a meaningful cause.


Our journey began with asking staff members whether they could recommend any organizations or people who would appreciate this donation. Our Development Manager, Jacqui Smit almost immediately had a new home in mind and connected us with Werner Smit, the school administrator at Sunningdale Private School. The idea of contributing to an institution that plays a crucial role in the lives of differently-abled students resonated deeply with our team.


The joy and gratitude expressed by the school staff upon receiving our chair donation were immeasurable. 

The chairs, now repurposed, have not only enhanced the physical environment but also contributed to the overall well-being of the staff. The staff play a critical role in the development of the children in their care and fostering an environment that is conducive for optimum learning. This is why, their well-being is just as important as that of the learners. When the teachers are well taken care of, even in the small things, they are better motivated to give their best to their learners.


In the grand tapestry of corporate responsibility, our chair donation initiative may seem insignificant, easily overlooked in the broader narrative. However, we firmly believe that even the smallest acts can make a profound difference. It is a reminder that positive change often starts with a simple, heartfelt gesture. As we celebrate the transformative impact witnessed at SPS, we invite you to consider the untapped potential within your own sphere of influence. By embracing the power of small, intentional actions, we can collectively weave a fabric of positive change that extends far beyond the confines of our immediate surroundings. After all, in the world of community impact, it's the seemingly insignificant ripples that often create the most significant waves.

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